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3 thoughts on “Contact and Feedback

  1. Gordon Rampy

    I am a descendant of one of the Palatine families (Johann Nicholas Rampy) your late wife, Sheila, did not mention in that marvelously and exhaustively researched book.

    I published a small work titled “Palatine Roots” in 1988 which also dealt with the South Carolina episode of 1764/1765 based on some of the same sources she cited.

    My question for you is: Did Sheila publish her research data where it can be accessed by others who hunger for details of their ancestral origins?

    It would be truly tragic if her work was lost! I hope you can be of help. (BTW! I’m ten years older than you.)

    Warrenton, VA 20186

    1. Marq de Villiers

      Hello Gordon, thanks for this. Although my wife Sheila will be surprised to hear she is deceased! She will be happy to deal with your query. why don’t you contact her directly at [email protected]? All best,
      Marq de V


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