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Ghost-written books

  • With (wrongly-convicted) murderer Lawrencia (Bambi) Bembenek I produced Woman On Trial (HarperCollins, 1992)
  • With theatre impresario and later felon Garth Drabinsky I wrote his “autobiography” called Closer to the Sun (McClelland and Stewart 1995)
  • With Maurice Strong, founder of the United National Environment Program and Secretary General of the UN Conference on the Environment (Rio, 1991) I produced his autobiography, Where On Earth Are We Going? (Knopf/Random House; 2001)


The Third Russian Revolution: Pamphlet at 10,000 words for HarperCollins, an update of the last chapter of Volga), 1992


Script writer and on-screen narrator for Water Water, a three-hour miniseries adaptation of the Governor General’s Award-winning book Water, broadcast on the Discovery Channel. The documentary won several awards.